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SkillGigs Top Tech Talent Marketplace, where Companies Compete For You.




They are LOOKING for you!

SkillGigs Top Tech Talent Marketplace, where Companies Compete For You.

why wait? our marketplace grows every day!

why wait?

our marketplace grows every day!

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Not only do you get access to the inner circle faster, but you are always in control by naming your own salary to start the bidding.
Leverage the demand as employers apply to talent. We moved the power back into the hands of the talent, where it should have been.
Skillgigs is your key to accessing hidden jobs that don't get posted publicly. Get direct access to influential insiders at top companies.

Your Privacy Matters to Us

what is stealth mode?

Introducing a new way for talent to hide from existing or previous employers with ultimate privacy protection.

Hide from any company

Stealth mode allows you to hide your profile from any company, keeping your job search private - as it should be.

Stay anonymous

Receive offers from other employers while you remain anonymous.

learn more, earn more

Talent can earn up to 20% more by learning their Real Market Value

Our platform thrives off a system of bidding. But what if you don’t know your true earning potential?

Get your Real Market Value analysis and discover what you could be making based on your skills, experience, location, and real time supply and demand data 


name your own salary

expert match

We are not a job board OR recruiting site. This talent marketplace uses technology to match TOP employers to you.

total transparency

When you enter our marketplace, you decide from the start your salary expectations.

employers apply to you

Sort through competitive offers made based on your desired salary! Learn more about bidding below.

your future, your choice

creating a skill listing

Start by letting employers know that you're open to new opportunities and activate yourself in the marketplace!

receive offers from employers

Employers must place a bid on your profile in order to access messaging to communicate with you - giving you the upper hand!

choose for yourself

Accept or deny bids from interested employers - No middleman! You choose which employers you engage with through Skillgigs.