All The Little Things Count, LLC.

All The Little Things Count, LLC.

Rosenberg, TX

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All The Little Things Count, LLC.
  • Company Type: Large Private Business
  • Company Size: 51 - 250
  • Industry: Hospital & Health Care
  • Location: Rosenberg, TX
  • Year Founded: 20

Our Culture

Our Company Culture

Why We Exist

Two of Sandra Graves’ four children were born disabled due to medical conditions she experienced during utero. Son Ronnie Graves was disabled by rubella and daughter Rebecca Babb was disabled from the effects of the cytomegalo-virus. While searching for quality care for her children, Sandra became acquainted with many families who shared similar challenges and struggles. She and many other families found it difficult to find quality “community” services and quality service providers. With the support of her friends and many of the families she had become acquainted with, Sandra set out to become a Home and Community Service (HCS) provider - one that would push for excellence. After receiving her provisional certification, her daughter died suddenly. Sandra continued on with the dream in memory of her daughter, Rebecca. She founded "All The Little Things Count" HCS program and became a fully certified HCS program provider in December 1997. A few years later, she, her son, and her sister founded “All The Little Things Country.”  

Sandra’s programs (where the individual and the family are the focus) apply the knowledge learned from the special journey she and these families shared together during many long years. Sandra and her highly qualified staff are deeply involved with all the individuals and their families. They form a team that work together to develop a truly meaningful, responsive and caring program. To date, this program generates high consumer and family satisfaction and ratings.  

Our People

Our People

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