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Developed end to end an android mobile application that checks on demand network coverage at your location. Utilizing my skills in product ideation, research, back end, front and and cloud development I was the lead developer and driver behind a tool to support T-Mobile's engineering, sales, retail and business development organizations. Managed a complex cross-functional project across business development, engineering, sales and retail. Translating the customers' needs into specific product features, leading the data analytics team and defining success of the project. Through clear and direct communication of team goals and time lines I was the lead product manager of my team's flagship android mobile application.

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I am skilled in...

Technical Product Management
Project Management
Machine Learning
Software Development
Web Design and Development
DNA cloning

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Career History


Software Development Intern @ (HIDDEN)

October 01, 2017 - Current


  • Developer focused on solving pain points for engineering, business development, marketing and retail teams.

    - Lead developer of a T-Mobile android mobile app that measures network coverage resulting in reduced vendor dependency, savings of 3000 weeks of
    cumulative store opening lead time and $500k annually.
    - Responsible for end to end production, I lead development of the front end, core app functionalities and the Google cloud based back end.
    - Functioned as the project technology product manager, managing the product through roadmap coordination with clients and involved cross functional
    teams, researching and defining technical features, setting deadlines, coordinating with the UX/UI team & creating a data process with the data analysis
    team, overseeing the beta trial and trial runs of the data process.

    Program manager for the data analytics innovation team, focused on delivering great products for procurement that enable pain point identification, process
    monitoring and program management.

    - Designed dashboard features that align with customer needs
    - Provided direction through roadmap coordination between the business analysis managers and procurement
    - Translated procurement needs into actionable deliverables
    - Managed the project by setting feasible deadlines, keeping track of progress and communicating milestones to all parties

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Technical Product Management (50%)

  • Software Development (40%)

  • Project Management (10%)

Undergraduate Data Scientist @ (HIDDEN)

January 01, 2017 - Current


  • Data scientist developing tools and algorithms that direct genetic research by solving big data pain points.

    - Lead developer & architect behind an evaluator that chooses the most predictive genes from a large crowd sourced genomic data set
    - Utilizing various mathematical machine learning, sorting and searching techniques to improve the lab's ability to make data backed decisions to direct
    future research

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Development/Design (50%)

  • Machine Learning (30%)

  • Project Management (10%)

  • Research (10%)


Engineering Intern @ (HIDDEN)

June 01, 2017 - October 01, 2017


  • Engineer focused on developing tools to improve process pain points, efficiency and team collaboration.

    - Built, designed, and researched a prototype for an internal web-based communication tool that enables horizontal and vertical team communication
    through different views and defaults to a level of detail set by you or your team
    - The tool was designed to meet the needs of cross functional team's weekly communication of team and individual priorities, needs and
    - Based on my research of agile and scrum best practices the tool promoted an agile work environment

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Web Design and Development (30%)

  • Technical Product Management (30%)

  • Project Management (20%)

  • Research (20%)


Undergraduate Researcher @ (HIDDEN)

July 01, 2015 - January 01, 2016


  • Researcher focused on delivering genetic data to support HPV research.

    - Sequenced trial participants DNA and analyzed the resulting genomic DNA using chromatograms to enable the lab to determine the latency period
    needed between HPV vaccine booster shots.

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Research (50%)

  • Project Management (35%)

  • DNA cloning (15%)

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