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Seasoned Systems Engineer/Software Engineer with over 18 years of experience with a demonstrated history of developing solutions to complex business and technical problems or issues of varying scope using advanced engineering and scientific principles. Transferable skills include: problem solver, communicator, team player, self-motivated, leadership, ability to work under pressure, responsible, decisive. Focus Areas: Requirements Analysis and Writing, Solution Architecture, Software Design (OOD/OOP), Software Development, Waterfall or Agile Tools and Methodologies, Scrum/Project Management, Networking, CI/CD

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July 01, 2016 - Current


  • * Manage the development of FirstNet and Cloud Portal projects from ideation to completion, manage
    work intake, coordinate feature and bug fix releases and requirements gathering, and act as lead
    developer for a team of 20 developers in an Agile/DevOps setting.
    * Coach and mentor junior members of a diverse team as regards to best practices, coding guidelines
    and procedures and espoused security-first coding best practices for both government and
    non-government web applications.
    * Collaborate with enterprise and solution architects, system engineers and technical SMEs to meet
    the performance, resiliency, high-availability, security and redundancy criteria for the cloud
    infrastructure used by FirstNet and AT&T Cloud Portal web applications.



August 01, 2011 - June 01, 2016


  • * Manage the overall AT&T Cloud Portal project and sub-projects, manage work intake, gather
    requirements and conduct reviews, oversee releases and act as lead developer for a team of 10
    * Act as solution architect for AT&T Cloud Portal responsible for translating product requirements
    into system-specific requirements to support AT&T NetBond, AT&T Storage as a Service, Remote
    Backup as a Service for both government and non-government cloud realization markets.
    * Assume the lead API developer role to support Managed Security Services single-page application
    RestFul API needs.
    * Prototype rapidly the pilot microservices implementation of Cloud Portal service management using
    Docker, Kubernetes, Rest APIs, Jenkins among others.



March 01, 2006 - May 01, 2011


  • * Design, develop, and test complex contracting software for AT&T sales executives while managing
    the end-to-end integration needs with the downstream systems with SOAP interfaces.
    * Core developer for the custom Spring wrapper and/or library purposed for the sole use of the web
    hosting service management and contracting portal.
    * Tune SQL queries and PL/SQL packages, functions and procedures for optimum performance.

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