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Senior Software Engineer @ (HIDDEN)

March 01, 2014 - Current


Software Engineer III @ (HIDDEN)

June 01, 2011 - March 01, 2014


  • Developed software components for the Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS), which consists of infrared-receiving satellites and data processing ground stations to provide surveillance and missile warning around the world. Applications are mostly developed in C++ and C, running on SGI and IBM AIX operating systems. * Worked in larger (10-30) development teams, and interfaced with separate systems engineering and I&T organizations as part of a multi-billion dollar project. * Developed the OPSCAP (Operational Capability) GUI (written in C++), which by using X-Window/ Motif and OpenGL, displays graphically the level of satellite coverage around the world. * Charged with improving the memory efficiency and speed of NME, an IPC that routes messages inter-process and between computer nodes by utilizing shared memory and socket APIs.


Software Engineer III @ (HIDDEN)

June 01, 2004 - June 01, 2011


  • Served as a lead software engineer of several design and development efforts for FBCB2 / JCR, a large project consisting of ~300 people; the project was a large multi-component Command and Control (C2) system comprising of satellite, Ethernet, and terrestrial radio networks. Applications were mostly developed in C++ and C, using a PostgreSQL database, on Linux. Some applications were developed for the Android phone using the SDK. Other languages used include Java and PHP. * Acting as lead, designed and implemented message routing components based on geography and geometry, to more efficiently utilize bandwidth in constrained environments (LBAND satellite and EPLRS radio networks). * Designed and implemented solutions for the Android platform, using SDK and NDK / JNI API's. * Conducted an extensive 1/2yr performance evaluation of the Node Data Broker (NDB), the inhouse IPC mechanism used ubiquitously, including creating test drivers and generating metrics. Raised project-wide awareness of potential NDB-related pitfalls, leading to extensive redesign to meet customer performance requirements. * Lead optimization efforts to insure software products met performance requirements; advised the ~20 person team in interpreting results, and implemented specific solutions, ultimately surpassing performance requirements. * Represented the TSG product team in several off-site field exercises at the Fort Hood army base, consisting of supporting other DoD multi-system integration events as well as FBCB2 / JCR performance, acceptance, and risk reduction tests.

Intern Analyst @ (HIDDEN)

May 01, 2004 - June 01, 2004


  • Researched and analyzed legal cases for merit in litigation. * Analyzed corporate 10k / 8k SEC filings. * Analyzed lawsuit depositions, developing arguments for litigation. * Researched stock and bond pricing using Bloomberg and Compustat systems, looking for historic trends justifying pricing within litigation. * Created Microsoft Excel micro-applications using VBA to assist in number-crunching and visualization. * Advised IT purchases. An example included evaluating a system for the purpose of reading and analyzing 1,500 CD-ROMs of evidence in one particular case.

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