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I am a Senior-level Lead UI and UX Designer and Developer for Mobile Apps, Hybrid Apps and Responsive WebApps. I have significant start-up experience and mobile/hybrid/web application experience. I am particularly interested in opportunities to design and develop integrated UI / UX for Mobile Applications, Hybrid Applications, and Web Applications. I am experienced and fast at every stage of the process, from branding through wireframes and prototypes, to full layouts and user flows developed and delivered to your front end codebase. I have two skill profiles here in SkillGigs. One is for Senior UI/UX Designer, but the other addresses my strange but obsessive love for fixing front end bugs and whacking the front end codebase into a maintainable, standards-driven shape. I am a great fit for start-ups that want to get their application off the ground with blazing speed or for companies with business-critical deadlines and overloaded teams.

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Skill Density

I am skilled in...

User Interaction
User Experience
Responsive Web Development
UI/UX Design
High-fidelity mockups
Work in front-end codebases
Visual Design

Industry Density

Top 5 Industry Experience, Expressed in Percentages

Computer Software


Business Services - Other


Other/Not Classified


Leisure, Travel & Tourism


Career History


Contract Senior UI/UX Designer @ (HIDDEN)

May 15, 2013 - Current


  • Lead proposal, design and development of the front end UI experience at all phases of the project life cycle, from discovery through launch
    Meet with key stakeholders to present and refine proposed UI and UX
    Work with engineering team to negotiate efficient, effective implementation

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • User Experience (20%)

  • Branding (20%)

  • User Interaction (20%)

  • HTML/CSS (10%)

  • Javascript/jQuery (10%)

  • High-fidelity mockups (10%)

  • Work in front-end codebases (10%)



April 12, 2017 - April 04, 2018


  • Exciting, fast-moving start up Carnivore Studios created a
    Mobile App for a passionate niche audience of mobile gamers.

    I was the fourth hire on this team and designed all UI and UX
    up to our first release, which focused aggressively on getting
    users into the app and using the chat tool for team
    communication. Our team grew, and we integrated and
    leveraged Sketch to organize and share design components
    and branding elements.

    As UI and UX raced forward, it got ahead of development and I
    began pinch-hitting to polish up code and the appearance of
    the actual app, which was implemented in Flutter, a new
    front-end framework. Eventually I took on full responsibility for
    quality-of-life features including support for small-screen
    devices, landscape mode, and a "light theme" in addition to
    ongoing app polish and fixing display bugs.


    * Translate business requirements into UI and UX for niche audience on
    aggressive timelines

    * Work from Product team specifications to build out UI and UX for

    * Leverage Sketch libraries and sharing in a team context

    * Handoff approved features to engineers via Zeplin

    * Implement visual changes and upgrades in Flutter front end framework

    "Deborah is a triple threat - strong visual design, UX design, and implementation. Her versatility served us very well here - when we needed engineering help, Deborah dug in, went up the learning curve and fixed bugs. Additionally, she is an absolute pleasure to work with, is a passionate employee, and an upbeat energy in the office. Would love to work with her again."
    John Osvald - CEO at Carnivore Studios

    "Deborah is an incredibly diligent, versatile UI/UX professional. Whether we needed help designing and laying out app screens, optimizing user flows, or tackling client bugs, Deborah was always game and willing to go the extra mile to help make the user experience the best it possibly could be. She consistently impressed me with her ability to find unexpected ways to add value while always keeping our users in mind."
    Joseph Traverso - Chief Product Officer at Carnivore Studios

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • UI/UX Design (20%)

  • Interaction Design (15%)

  • Prototype (15%)

  • Mockup (15%)

  • flutter (10%)

  • Adobe CC (10%)

  • Visual Design (10%)

  • Graphic Design (5%)



July 13, 2016 - May 10, 2017


  • Led by an industry-revered entrepreneur, OnVoya is a travel
    startup that leverages new technology in a billion-dollar
    industry that has become out-of-date in how it serves
    consumers. With a stunning business plan and a min-viable
    demo created by overseas engineers, OnVoya needed a
    hands-on UI and UX overhaul to quickly get in front of investors
    and strengthen the product for market with both base travel
    features and modern UI as well as feature planning for future
    execution of the business goals that set them apart.

    In this position I worked remotely, reporting directly to the
    Product Manager and CEO, and making weekly updates to the
    full team. Communication was primarily accomplished via
    Google Hangouts, Slack and IM.


    * Own UI, UX, and front-end implementation of all visual aspects of the
    product in a responsive React-driven web application

    * Define, specify and prototype custom selection tools that highlight and
    integrate collection of consumer data and preferences while creating a
    better experience than standard tools used by competitors

    * Using a "mobile-first" approach, develop, test and deliver responsive
    HTML5, CSS3 and javascript within the codebase of the React product

    * Standardize, clean up and establish structure inside the existing front
    end codebase for efficient, standards-driven development and to create
    a stable architecture for future white-labelling

    * Upgrade, develop and implement the product's entire UX and brand

    "Deborah is one rare unicorn!
    She joined our team at Gigwalk when we were still in the early development phase of our enterprise product. She picked up complex design requirements in no time and brought to life many responsive layouts with intuitive / easy-to understand interactions! On top of mastering the Adobe design softwares, she is a *Rock Star* at Html/CSS and knows all the tricks to deal efficiently with browsers compatibilities + she can create beautiful icon fonts. As a developer, I can't emphasize enough on the how valuable her skills are, especially when the entire team is facing a fast-paced development phase."
    Valerie Alloix - Senior Software Engineer at Gigwalk

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • User Experience (40%)

  • Responsive Web Development (30%)

  • User Interaction (30%)



August 13, 2014 - April 15, 2015


  • Cutting-edge crowd-sourcing platform Gigwalk was ready to
    transform to a much more powerful, flexible
    workforce-management tool that would greatly extend its reach
    and profitability. I was hired as a consultant to own the responsive
    web application UI design and development for powerful new
    features and future scalability.

    I worked remotely for Gigwalk, reporting directly to the Product
    Manager and working closely with the Engineering team. I came
    to the office at key points in the development process and for
    feature handoffs. Communication was primarily via Google
    Hangouts, Slack and IM.


    * Build on established UX to create and present wireframes for new
    features and functionality that would work intuitively for desktop, tablet
    and mobile view

    * Present high-fidelity UI prototypes to stakeholders; prepare prototype
    videos for delivery to key customers

    * Develop, test and deliver responsive HTML5, CSS3 and javascript/jQuery
    packages for approved UI screens on tight, business-critical deadlines

    * Polish and troubleshoot the javascript-driven codebase to standardize
    the application's interactions across new and old functionality


    * Step Task logic based tool
    * Google Maps integration

    "Beyond being a fantastic designer, she also had the instincts
    and characteristics of a product manager as well as a web
    developer, which made her very indispensable."
    Pouyan Assadi - Product Manager at Gigwalk

    "Deborah is an A+ designer and team player. Deborah brings a level of thorough, intuitive, creative, and professional execution to her work that inspired our entire team."
    Merci Victoria Grace - Product Manager at Gigwalk


Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Responsive Web Development (50%)

  • User Interaction (50%)


Senior Visual Designer @ (HIDDEN)

December 06, 2004 - May 14, 2006


  • Developed website UI layout from proposal outline for all clients 
    Created branded look-and-feel for un-branded clients
    Developed HTML and CSS prior to database module integration
    Designed and developed Flash sites, promotions and modules
    Worked closely with database / aspx programmers from site conception through launch

    My role at Cyberwoven was to create and develop a complete visual UI experience from proposal outline through deployment. I also programmed all HTML, CSS and Flash aspects of the site prior to turning files over to database/aspx programmers. My position encompassed Art Director, UI Designer and HTML / CSS / Flash development roles, and I worked closely with the CEO and CTO on every project.

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • UI/UX Design (25%)

  • Visual Design (15%)

  • Adobe CS (15%)

  • Interaction Design (15%)

  • Javascript (10%)

  • CSS (10%)

  • HTML (10%)

Education History

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