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Experienced professional who has delivered diverse programs across different industry segments. MY recent stint at Cisco Information Security led me into successfully establishing security programs [SecDevOps, Cloud Security Framework, Vulnerability Management, Security and Awareness (trainings)]. Mentoring and Developing teams to nurture new ideas of change.

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Vulnerability Management
Static Analysis
Network Security
cloud security
open source
open source software
Dynamic Analysis

Industry Density

Top 5 Industry Experience, Expressed in Percentages

Information Technology and Services


Career History


Information Security Manager @ (HIDDEN)

May 01, 2013 - Current


  • Cloud Security Program:
    1. Transformed the manual process into a scalable digitized process. Delivered a Software Product in
    record time of 6 months to perform Security Risk Assessments. Used Agile methodology to develop and
    implement the software solution
    2. Established Cloud Security Risk Framework to enable scalable solutions with speed. The unique
    risk-based framework provides a comprehensive approach to perform security risk assessments on cloud
    service offerings to manage risk and scale with business demand. Speaker at Cisco Internal
    Conference Offensive Summit Knoxville 2017. Recipient of "The Voyager Award" in 2017

    Continuous Security Program:

    1. Service Model with focus on security to scale and smooth business operations. Shared
    Accountability and Responsibility to build security in the processes and development chain
    2. Developed SecDevOps model breaking walls between development, operations and security. Focus on
    training and awareness, simplified and digitized processes enabling new technologies in
    vulnerability management (Static and Dynamic analysis, Open Source Software). Embedding security in
    the development and Operations than bolting on.

    Cisco CSDL for IT:

    1. Enabling Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle for IT that will help manage and reduce risk in
    IT Applications
    2. Align CSDL for IT with Industry standards, customize, digitize and enforce in IT processes as
    security milestones aligning with release process.

    * Collaboration, Communication and Partnerships were key in the successful delivery of programs
    * Fiscal Year Portfolio planning to align with new priorities and capabilities to reduce risk and
    enhance governance
    * Development of security policies and standards
    * Resolve GRC audits to establish repeatable/reusable and measurable processes

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • cloud security (20%)

  • SecDevOps (20%)

  • Security (20%)

  • Vulnerability Management (10%)

  • Static Analysis (10%)

  • Dynamic Analysis (10%)

  • open source software (10%)


Program Manager @ (HIDDEN)

May 01, 2011 - April 01, 2013


  • * Delivered Salesforce CRM solution for Customer Support Engineers to provide robust case
    management including collaboration, monitoring, and intelligent matching via single user
    interface supported by salesforce.com thus increasing customer satisfaction and reducing
    resolution time.
    * Managed the process and I Charts for integrating Mergers and Acquisitions into Cisco Processes.
    Risk Assessments to identify risks and recommend mitigation plan. Roadmaps to track
    mitigation/remediation to successfully complete mergers/divestitures.

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Network Security (20%)

  • Vulnerability Management (20%)

  • SecDevOps (20%)

  • open source software (15%)

  • cloud security (15%)

  • Static Analysis (10%)


Program Manager @ (HIDDEN)

May 01, 2006 - April 01, 2011


  • * Defined telecommunication quality management system for Cisco products aligning with TL9000. The
    quality measurements helped in improving the relationships between Cisco, its suppliers and its
    customers by meeting/exceeding benchmarks and a closed feedback loop for continuous improvement
    in the Product Families
    * Defined the New Product On boarding Requirements, New Customer On Boarding Process for TL9000
    * Business Intelligence to generate Product Measurements/Customer measurements as required by
    Service Providers, NESAC and TL9000

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Network Security (25%)

  • Vulnerability Management (25%)

  • Static Analysis (25%)

  • open source (25%)

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