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Linux System Administrator @ (HIDDEN)

January 01, 2014 - December 01, 2014


  • * Involved in installing OS, software, monitor performance, applying patches and
    troubleshooting alerts and performed rebuilt with rescue fc14 and fc4 images on Linux servers.
    * Investigated on network or system outage on multiple sites and provide valuable information
    in the ticketing system with the resolution.
    * Managed the VMware environment in ESX and ESXi hypervisors, and vSphere and vCenter Server
    * Solved issues with Cold, Suspended and Storage vMotion migration between servers.
    * Troubleshot issues with network tools like ping, netstat, traceroute, mtr, nslookup, etc.
    * Organized hardware alerting /monitoring system and troubleshoot the faulty hardware in NOC
    and remotely utilizing the remote hand service.
    * Functioned with JBODs and supported in replacing and recovery process on varies sites.
    * Worked with PK (Peace Keepers) and PAW (Primary Alert Watcher) for monitoring the systems
    and network alerts.
    * Communicated with support teams to keep the services ongoing for 24/7 and resolved network
    related issues on site and colocations to maintain SLA environment.
    * Connected with engineering team to regarding new issues and upcoming projects and


Developer @ (HIDDEN)

August 01, 2012 - December 01, 2012


  • * Built diverse forms to create a unique SQL Database.
    * Linked SQL Server Studio Management with MS Visual Studio Web Developer in MVC application.
    * Created Controllers and Models in the MVC APP with C#.
    * Managed the Intranet according the clients' demand and security necessities.
    * Accomplished the data backs and restore points on the servers.
    * Worked on Linux REHL OS for network trouble shooting.
    * Maintained the SharePoint to keep the lead inform about the project progress.
    * Delegated responsibilities to Level I Developers in order to achieve company goals.
    * Completed the project using proper resources within the limited time frame specified.


Solution Specialist @ (HIDDEN)

July 01, 2011 - May 01, 2013


  • * Performed the installation of VMware hypervisor and clients software on host machines.
    * Troubleshot all network related issue in Linux and Windows platforms.
    * Created and Maintained VM templates and monitor the alarms from vCenter Server.
    * Installed Active Directory into Windows server and setting the DNS services.
    * Supported and troubleshoot the cellphones and network devices.
    * Worked with customer on call and guided the troubleshoot steps.
    * Completed tasks, duties and projects assigned by management efficiently.


Research Leader @ (HIDDEN)

August 01, 2010 - December 01, 2010


  • * Computed competitor profitability, efficiency, and leverage ratios for five years.
    * Collaborated with a team of students for analysis reporting and provided recommendations for
    * Created a DCF model projecting five years of free cash flows for Target by analyzing finances.
    * Researched and presented multiple price analysis for Target and its competitors.


Data Entry/IT Assistant @ (HIDDEN)

September 01, 2008 - August 01, 2009


  • * Structured office to proficiently manage faculties and student's databases.
    * Assisted students and faculty with projects and computer related issues.
    * Arranged meetings to better facilitate students' and faculty's personal information.
    * Created data according the departments need with Student's Information.
    * Worked on MS office product for supporting the program.


IT Engineer/System Analyst @ (HIDDEN)

April 01, 2001 - January 01, 2015


  • * Gathered and document business requirements from business stakeholders and co-ordinate with
    development teams for implementation.
    * Contributed in end-to-end system & regression testing for new HP web store and provided data
    validation support.
    * Collaborated with client, project manager and other team members to gather data for projects.
    * Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the SQL database and reporting any issues to the
    database architect.
    * Assisted in creating and presenting informational reports for management based on SQL data.
    * Investigated and troubleshoot with LINUX (RHEL 4, 5, 6, 7) and UNIX (HP-UX 11.11, 11.23,
    11.31) platform issues and hardware issues on mission critical server.
    * Utilized various scripts, tools, and commands along with problem solving skills to isolate and
    alleviate issues at the operating system and hardware levels.
    * Maintained multiple aspects of the Unix/Linux environments including network, SAN, HA Clusters
    (VCS, Service Guard, SGLX), applications, groups, users, and security configurations.
    * Support multiple types of filesystems using LVM, VxVM, and NFS.
    * Performed fixes on VMs with VMware vCenter Server application and fixed virtualization issues.
    * Supported various UNIX and LINUX build and re-ip task during the split of the company.

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