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After 9 years experience being a Frontend and Backend Engineer in the computer software field, I deeply in love with this industry. Creating easy to use and delightful apps for users is always my goal, but also helping to build a better and profitable company is my prior responsibility. Through years of self-improvement on the Full Stack Engineering, its time to seek a new opportunity that I can contribute my skills and experience.

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Ruby on Rails

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Information Technology and Services


Career History


Full Stack Engineer @ (HIDDEN)

October 01, 2008 - Current

Role Description

EASI Computer Systems is a Computer Software company,


  • Design and implement new UI features from Front End.
    Create MS report for clients from SQL raw data, writing script to add new features from Back End.
    Optimize web applications to maximize speed and scale.
    Provide tech support for diverse clients from low to high powered desktop computers and different version OS.
    Write client-side code for web-based and local applications, create fast, easy-to-use program and develop prototypes.
    Created SQL database, customized customer business transaction reports by scripting language from Back & Front End.
    Created special query, module based on customers need.
    Networking and troubleshooting for clients POS hardware, building software UI components.
    Onsite coding for new customer company to solve their business issue, which reduced their cost of expense and improved work efficiency pretty much.
    They appreciated me a lot while I felt very proud of it. After that, this customer recommended a lot of their business partner to us and becoming our customers.
    I not only designed and developed a Timeclock program as a team member but also contributed many valuable ideas for user interface and business logic plus building some timesheet detail reports.
    Based on the SQL database raw data, I created and developed some very useful graphical reports for biz transaction analysis from Back end to Front end. (Annual Report, Monthly Report, Weekly Report, Daily Report and even Hourly Report)
    Onsite coding and configuring commodity hardware with company program, developed a robust app for user, especially solving the problem between customer signature and thumbprint matching and conflict.
    Wrote a Front-End program to extract the customer ID, Thumbprint, Driver License, and selling product images from Back-End SQL database, so the company users can upload pictures to the police in just one click.
    Created a program to sync company sales transaction data from Back-End to DropBox in two steps.
    Through my hard-working and making innovation, the company turned a profit after the first year I worked there.

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Java (15%)

  • Ruby on Rails (15%)

  • AngularJS (10%)

  • Bootstrap (10%)

  • Javascript (10%)

  • SQL (10%)

  • Unix (10%)

  • C#. (10%)

  • HTML5 (5%)

  • CSS3 (5%)

Education History

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