Data Analytics


  • Permanent
  • USA Work Ready
  • MS Excel VBA Macro

  • SQL

  • Java

  • Database Systems

  • UNIX and LINUX

  • R

  • Marketing Analysis

  • Database Analysis

  • C++

  • MS Word

  • Relational Database Modeling

  • MS PowerPoint

  • SAS

  • Google Analytics

  • Matlab

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  • Job Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2015

  • Expires On: Sunday, August 03, 2014

  • Job Type: Permanent

  • Desired Salary: $40000.00/yr

  • Work Authorization: EAD

Ideal position will be data analytics driven. Using data analysis to help making business decision or develop strategy, providing solutions to customer. I have held various internships and work experience in gaining knowledge in practical applications. I began my rolestarted as a data science analyst and worked working closely with the Chief Data Officer to translate mathematical functions into Java code into Java code to process large-scale datasets. This involved comparing different algorithms to find the best solutions for the database and utilizing innovative thinking to improve the algorithmm to process data more efficiently. For example, I was asked to implement an algorithm using the log-likelihood function. However, the complexity of the log-likelihood function made the computation slow. Investigating the log-likelihood function further, I was able to decrease the computational cost by simplifying the complicated log-likelihood function to give a very close approximation to the exact result, which led to shorter processing times and relatively lower computing cost. My supervisor was very pleased with my insight and insight and sensitivity to mathematical functions, and appreciated my initiative to reduce inefficiencies.
I began my rolestarted as a marketing data analyst and workedon October. This involved pulling data from Google Analytics and conduct statistical analysis using Excel. I manipulate multi-dimensional data in Excel and make weekly and monthly traffic report to keep track on our website performance using various advanced Excel Formula. I also made report that is easy for non-technical board member to read and interpret the number and figures to them about how the business is running. Furthermore, I made my own decisions about how to analyze the application performance using different metrics that I believe will be useful. During the time, I was able to recognize problems by just looking at some numbers. Moreover, I keep thinking about making the report more automated so that it is easy to use and pull data. My sensitivity to data and numbers will be an excellent fit for this data analyst role.

My skills in various data analysis tool such as Excel, R, SAS, SQL will help me succeed in data analytics field. 
  • Chicago, IL

  • New York, NY

  • Washington, DC