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  • Job Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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A role accountable and responsible proving clear direction and resolution when needed. Ensure best execution by bringing all required parties on common understanding and work towards the benefit of the project and teams.

Associate level IV @ (HIDDEN)

12/1/2012 - Current

Role Description

Securities accounting management, Securities accounting production support lead:--Proven leadership qualities by successfully managing work load and ensuring team meets estimated SLA by providing training, direction and support to facilitate retention and minimize time to be fully productive.--Take ownership of changes and draws required stakeholders into dialogue. Actively speaks up when there is concern and make efforts by providing alternative solution/options when possible.--Maintains professional skepticism and brings relative information (issue, risk and delay) to the attention of management in a timely manner--Led testing teams on multi-disciplinary projects by providing knowledge based training, understanding and support to help deriving business use cases and test cases--Conducting analysis of stakeholder requirements for securities accounting management accounts which provides critical aspects of business processes to future state systems/applications--Developed Transaction models to demonstrate the impact of target state system on an operational objective.--Developed testing plan, strategy and approach to performance measurement--Conducted and provided training on business process flows and data models of securities accounting cost basis sub-ledger--Led production support team on multi-disciplinary activities.--Effectively influence peers, managers, directors, (possibly) officers and business partners regarding decisions.--Collaboratively managed challenging, innovative and functionally complex work stream areas with general management guidance--Savvy in providing walk-thru on business processes and business data flow to Auditors (Internal and External) and effectively help Auditors in resolving reconciliation variances.


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