Oracle ERP Support / Business Analyst

Oracle ERP Support / Business Analyst

Specialties: Experience spans many years of development in Internet and Manufacturing companies using Oracle as well as all major databases and development technologies. Possess senior-level skills in Oracle Apps and database administration, SQL, PL/SQL, Linux system management, Windows systems management, business system implementation, project management, and end user support.


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  • Job Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2014

  • Expires On: Thursday, May 14, 2015

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ERP Support Specialist @ (HIDDEN)

10/1/2006 - Current

Role Description

Installation, configuration, performance tuning of a multi-instance Oracle Apps R12.1.3. Concurrent processing setup and configuration, user and responsibility setup and administration. Databases management including Oracle 8-11g with databases up to 2 TB and 900 Users, Sql Server 2000-2008 up to 550 GB and 875 Users and MySQL databases to 60 GB and 350 Users. 24/7 Responsibility for all high transaction, high availability, production databases, applications, and servers. Major applications include: Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1, Oracle Agile PLM 9.3.1. Specify, install, manage, and support 82 servers and 22 business systems applications. Implemented Nagios to automate management of all servers and applications. Managed ERP Implementation, Performed numerous conversion efforts from external business systems. Managed a large ERP system implementation project.


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