Remote Software Engineer

Remote Software Engineer

Specialties include SaaS, Agile Web Development, Human Capital Management Software, Cloud Computing


  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Permanent
  • USA Work Ready
  • AngularJS

  • CakePHP

  • SQL Server

  • Javascript

  • ColdFusion

  • jQuery

  • Ajax

  • Mysql

  • CSS

  • HTML

  • PHP

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  • Job Posted: Thursday, February 19, 2015

  • Expires On: Thursday, September 17, 2015

  • Job Type: Permanent

  • Desired Salary: $105000/yr

  • Work Authorization: Citizen

Innovation is my middle name. My passion is the financial market analysis and I have created a program to predict what are the best prices to buy stock (see @stockcanvas on Twitter). I have been programming in ColdFusion, Javascript, HTML for over 15 years and PHP for about 13 years. I love optimizing code. Seeing a performance issue and figuring out to solve that keeps me engaged in my career. I've also created a niche at each job I've held taking the one project that is most challenging and other developers shy away from and thriving at making it successful.

  • Jacksonville, FL

Software Engineer @ (HIDDEN)

1/1/2011 - Current


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