Senior Developer

Senior Developer


  • COBOL/400

  • DB2/400

  • SQL

  • Oracle Database Development

  • HP- UX

  • HP Linux



  • Oracle PL/SQL

  • Job Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2014

  • Expires On: Thursday, May 14, 2015

  • Job Type: Permanent

  • Desired Salary: $110000/yr

  • Ideal Start Date: Friday, October 17, 2014

  • Work Authorization: Citizen

The focus of my career has been on the development, implementation and production support of business application software using various computer systems and programming languages. These include 20 years of DB2,ILE COBOL,COBOL/400, CL, SQL(Native & Embedded), and Sequel & IQ on AS/400 Systems. I am very comfortable working with a diverse range of technologies and platforms. My experience with midsized financial services organizations gives me hands-on knowledge of all aspects of systems development and data center operations. 
Technical Skills: Hardware Systems: HP-UX11i, IBM AS/400, I-7 I-Series E-Servers, Wang VS, HP9000, DEC VAX, PCS, LAN Servers and Pitney Bowes, Xerox & HP Print Servers/ Systems. Operating Systems: HP/UX/ Linux, I-5& 7/OS, OS/400,VS/OS, VMS, UNIX, Windows Databases: ORACLE 10g & 11.2g, DB/2 UDB, INFORMIX, PACE, TOTAL Languages: Micro Focus COBOL, ILE COBOL, COBOL/400, VS COBOL, C, C++, SQL (Native & Embedded), SEQUEL, CL, Procedure Language PL, PL/SQL, SQL PLUS, Shell Scripting, Python, Pearl. Utilities: ECLIPSE, PDM, DDS, SDA, RLU, SEU, DBU, DFU, AFP, FTP, Subfiles, Oracle SQLLDR, Oracle SQL Developer, Data/User Queues & Spaces, CLOB, System API, FIX 4.0,4.2 & CMS Protocol Messaging over TCP/IP & X.25 and other Systems Utilities. Other Packages: Synon CA2E, I-Series Navigator, Client Access/Express, Rumba, Blue Zone, Citrix VPN, ALDON & Implementer Change Management, BMC Remedy, IQ, Qport, TAA tools, APLUS, HAWKEYE/PATHFINDER, Keymail, Multi-media Advertising, POWER MHS(Medical /Health Billing), CA Masterpiece Accounting, Payformance Check Printing, PB Smart Mailer, Planet Press, SAP (SD, FI, Data Transfer Workbench), MCBA & IMAG (Integrated Business Applications packages), Microsoft Office (Outlook. Access, Excel, Word, InfoPath, Publisher, PowerPoint).

  • Chicago Heights, IL

  • Elgin, IL

  • Lombard, IL