Senior Software Engineer or Software Architect

Senior Software Engineer or Software Architect

A Software Engineer / Software architect with over 30 years experience. Proficent with the latest Microsoft development technologies and methodologies including WPF, Silverlight, MVC, HTML, JQuery, Javascript, and TFS. Proponent of Agile, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration for creating timely and quality products. Over 30 years’ experience in software development on a variety of platforms including Windows, Unix/Linux and mobile platforms. Designed and developed systems using HTML and Javascript with MVC and WCF/JSON services; Silverlight with RIA; WPF with Prism and WCF; and modular Windows Services using Prism and Messaging. Currently researching and developing systems for mobile applications using Monodroid for Android clients, MonoTouch for IOS clients and Windows 8 metro for Microsoft clients. Webs site development using Javascript, HTML, MVC 4, Web API, JQuery mobile and the MVC 4 mobile templates with SQL Server and Entity Framework code first. Prefer projects and opportunities where I can apply my years of experience as a software engineer and software architect. Over 30 years’ experience as a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead and over 10 years’ experience as a Software Architect. Developed numerous software systems using various SDLC methodologies including RUP and Agile. Specialties: Can deliver complex software systems on time and in budget. Able to mentor team members in new technologies and methodologies and provide iteration plans and estimates to management teams. Prefer to use Test Driven Development (TDD) techniques as much as possible to support design and delivery of high quality software solutions.


  • Clearwater, FL
  • Contract
  • USA Work Ready
  • Job Posted: Friday, February 13, 2015

  • Expires On: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

  • Job Type: Contract

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Desired Salary: $87.50/hr

  • Work Authorization: Resident/Citizen

Senior Software Engineer @ (HIDDEN)

3/1/2014 - Current


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