SharePoint Architect Developer

SharePoint Architect Developer

I am a long-in-the-tooth (and proud to add that it is my own tooth) technical architect. I find it strange. I've been in computers for many years, actually decades, and I've always done the same thing, only my title kept changing, so now I'm an architect. Architect Schmarcitect, I still develop systems on different platforms, for the past 6 years in SharePoint. I once (maybe even twice) ventured into the lofty halls of management, for a while even in the stratospheric and exalted heights of executive management. These are serious transgressions for which I still try to atone. I know that nothing in this world can make up for it, except perhaps your forgiveness. Specialties: I have worked in every computing paradigm and many industries, moving easily between them. A general problem solver, I use computing as a platform, especially in systems involving relational databases and knowledge portals - hence my venturing into SharePoint. I am also a professional writer ("Visual Basic Oracle Programmers' Reference" ISBN 1861001789.) I blog mostly about SharePoint development in: http://www.GeeksWithBlogs.net/PointsToShare/default.aspx Authored a CodePlex Project to facilitate the deployment of SharePoint solutions. wblo.gs/dIC Find my latest resume in: http://www.mgsltns.com/DTresume.docx The link is case sensitive!


  • Jenkintown, PA
  • Contract
  • USA Work Ready
  • MS SharePoint

  • SQL Server 2012

  • Oracle

  • .NET

  • Job Posted: Friday, October 17, 2014

  • Expires On: Friday, May 15, 2015

  • Job Type: Contract

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Desired Salary: $102.27/hr

  • Work Authorization: Citizen

Author, Blogger, avid problem solver

SharePoint Architect @ (HIDDEN)

10/1/2013 - Current


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