Software Architecture & Design Engineer, Team Leader


  • UML 2.0

  • Java

  • Agile

  • C++

  • C#

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  • Expires On: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

  • Job Type: Contract

  • Duration: Negotiable

  • Desired Salary: $/mon

  • Work Authorization: H1-B

I am a team oriented software developer who enjoy working with all the protagonists of the life cycle of a software from the capture of the needs of the client to user support going through specification of the features, software/hardware architecture, design, implementation, test and commercialization.

At an early stage of my career, I have been introduced to agile methodologies, such as eXtreme Programming or SCRUM, and quickly embraced its values and benefits it provide to the quality of a software.

I strongly believe in continuous integration/deployment that lead to formalization and automation of error prone manual procedure where user/developer has no added value (setup development environment, compiling, computing metrics, testing, packaging, installing)

I also strongly believe in automatic testing (unit, component, integration, deployment), peer-reviews and generation of static/dynamic analysis tools to provide metrics (coverage, cyclomatic complexity, ....) that help enhance the maintainability of sources.
I am a bit more reserved on the use of methodologies such as peer-programming or Test Driven Development which trade-off between productivity and quality make me think they should mostly be used on critical components.

My curiosity and love of technologies lead me in the local user group of the different cities I have lived in to meet the local technical communities, keep up to date and extend my knowledge with new technologies or technologies I do not have a chance to play with.

My area of expertise and main interest is focused on Software Architecture and Design and all Model Driven approaches.
I'm experienced and proficient in UML2, Java SE, Eclipse RCP framework, C#, C++ and C.

I am a problem solver and am always seeking for new challenges that will help me harden/expand my technical and personal skills.
  • New Orleans, LA

  • Austin, TX

  • Houston, TX

Software Engineer - PHP / Javascript / MySQL / C / C++ @ (HIDDEN)

11/1/2014 - Current

Role Description

Following the acquisition of the Faroe Islands' based company Simprentis by Schlumberger, I reinforce the team developing the web-based training simulator OilSim (http://www.oilsim.com).I advise and set up improvement of methods and tools used on the project based on agile methodology principle.Involved in the Design & Implementation of synthetic survey generator using DirectX (Direct3D and Direct2D) based off-screen rendering.


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