13 Top Recruiting Trends of 2019 November 16, 2018

13 Top Recruiting Trends of 2019

As the next year approaches and 2018 comes to an end, new recruiting trends and best practices are a must for the new year.

We have 13 recruiting trends that you need to implement in your fight for top talent.

The way that companies recruit has shifted 365 degrees. Candidates have more leverage than ever before causing a disruption in the HR recruiting industry. The market is a 90% candidate driven so the time is now to rethink your recruitment strategy for 2019.

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How Recruitment is Changing with AI (Part 2) August 30, 2018

How Recruitment is Changing with AI (Part 2)

This May, we started to dive the hottest topic in HR: AI and its impact on talent evaluation.

This month, we want to take it a step further…and understand AI within Recruitment as a whole.

With that said, here are 4 ways Recruitment is Changing With AI.

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4 Methods to Determine Recruitment ROI August 24, 2018

4 Methods to Determine Recruitment ROI

Within the HR space, we see all levels of professionals face the same challenges when it comes to finding talent and doing this cost-effectively.

From an entry level recruiter to the Director of Human Resources, everyone makes the choice to try new methods and new tools to make their recruitment quicker and bring down the cost per hire.

Of course, with those choices, comes risk!

“How do I know I can make the hire within a reasonable time frame, if I am paying for LinkedIn Recruiter?” and “What is the ROI if I pay this amount of money to Indeed?”

And of course,

“Do I calculate cost per hire based on actual hires? Or are there other methods to measure the ROI on my recruitment tools?”

These are all questions us HR professionals need to ask ourselves, as we evaluate the success of our hiring and the make decision to use a tool, long-term. And with that, HR Tech has advanced significantly over the years, making our metrics that much more complicated.

Since this territory comes with a lot of “what if’s?” and not as many guarantees as we like, here are our methods for considering cost-per-hire and how to avoid becoming “Penny Wise and Pound Foolish” with your recruitment. Continue reading “4 Methods to Determine Recruitment ROI”

Top Brands That Want You & How to Get Their Attention August 23, 2018

Top Brands That Want You & How to Get Their Attention

Think we talk about personal branding a lot?

It’s because we do! It should be fairly easy to do because who really knows you better than – well – you.

Good personal branding could be the difference between you landing that amazing dream-job at an industry-leading company and you missing out because they hired that one tech guy from San Francisco who’s probably read some of our other blogs about personal branding. This could be your chance to stand out from your peers – and it all starts with actions you can take today. Continue reading “Top Brands That Want You & How to Get Their Attention”

3 Fundamental Reasons Companies Fail to Attract Top Talent August 17, 2018

Fail may seem like a harsh term, but it’s time to face the cold hard facts.

According to the CBRE report in “Scoring Tech Talent in North America 2018,” places like San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, WA, (two of our biggest client markets, by the way) are scored as the top-ranked tech talent markets. Yet, both these hubs experience something referred to as “brain gain,” which means they are creating more jobs than there is tech talent available. *(Read more about the tech talent market reports and research from CBRE here).

So how do recruiters from these ‘brain gain” locations get away from this classic supply & demand conundrum? Here are our 3 fundamental reasons companies fail to attract top talent AND how they can fix it.

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The 6 Do’s and Don’ts For Your Personal Brand

The 6 Do’s and Don’ts For Your Personal Brand

We’ve been all about your personal brand lately because even though in this day and age makes the job seeking experience virtually (pun intended) robotic, there’s nothing more valuable than the soul behind the brand.

This past month, we brought you 4 Personal Branding Tips You Should Be Using and How To Stand Out in a Tech Interview because we know everyone is asking the question, “How can I be the best me for this job interview?” This week, we want to draw a clear line between the Do’s and Don’ts of self-promotion, so you can achieve confidence, but not over-confidence. Continue reading “The 6 Do’s and Don’ts For Your Personal Brand”

4 Personal Branding Tips You Should Be Using August 10, 2018

4 Personal Branding Tips You Should Be Using

Jeff Bezos, CEO at Amazon said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Have you ever thought that the post you shared, retweeted, or even double tapped has an effect on your personal brand? Or, have you considered sharing your skills and role responsibilities outside of your resume?  Digital presence and how you share your brand are on a completely different level this year! Making an effort to identify and strengthen your personal brand is what puts you ahead of the game when competing for some of the most premier gigs in the country.

Since your skills and position in the market are our top priority, here are 4 tips for creating and maintaining your personal brand.  

1 Education – Even outside of the classroom

According to John Hall in his featured Forbes article states, “A key factor in building a successful brand is being truly educated.” By reading this blog, you’ve already taken initiative in educating yourself!

Education comes in all shapes and sizes! While traditional schooling is always great to have in your arsenal, there are other ways to stand out at that next interview. Research the industry and field you are in to help you keep a pulse on the most current technologies, skills, and trends.

2 Go Digital

You know the world you live in is almost completely online. Take advantage of the resources at your fingertips! If you care about something in particular, especially related to your career, tell the world! Many Skillgigs-Talent users often share their GitHub or LinkedIn profiles within their 3D resume, optimizing their visibility and to establishing their personal brands more effectively.

Simple tasks such as leaving a comment on a cool new app that or sharing an update about a company’s latest news helps your potential colleagues and employers to understand your brand, career goals, and knowledge for the industry.

As stated in this article from Entrepreneur, “an HR rep comparing two candidates is more likely to select the one that has lots of high-quality content online.”

3 Harness the Power of a Personal Brand

So you know where to look for content and maybe even how to share it, but do you know how to really make it your own? HBR suggested an awesome narrative idea in their article, “How Women Can Develop And Promote Their Personal Brand, ” on how to really understand your story and – even better – how to put it into words! The simple exercise of writing out each job you’ve had over your career and drawing connections between each is a super fun and easy way to write a summary of what you really excel at and enjoy doing. Within just a few minutes of your time, you have mastered the intro to your very own personal brand.

4 All Good Things Take Time
Building your personal brand takes time. One or 2 random posts every week or so probably won’t shed too much light on your personal brand to you or anyone else.

Talent in the Skillgigs marketplace often find themselves signing up as just the first step in the process of landing the perfect job. The second, third, and fourth steps are what help them evolve their personal brand through a skill density analysis, 1 on 1 coaching from our talent advocates, career reflection and the many other resources available to the talent.

While the process is fairly quick, it does deserve enough time for you to feel confident and fully aware of your brand.

To Be or Not To Be(zos): Are You Recruiting Like Amazon? August 9, 2018

To Be or Not To Be(zos): Are You Recruiting Like Amazon?

Just exactly how difficult is the hiring process at Amazon? We’ll let you decide.

Over the last five years, Jeff Bezos hiring strategy has been one of the most talked about topics. With writers from Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Fast Company adding to the multitude of articles covering the fascinating process, we thought we would take a deeper look at (1) how Amazon uses “bar-raisers” to recruit new personnel and (2) list off the pros and cons of using this extensive recruiting process.

Read more to find out if this tech-giant’s recruiting strategy is right for you. 

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3 Ways to Prep For A Busy Recruitment Season August 2, 2018

3 Ways to Prep For A Busy Recruitment Season

As temperatures continue to rise, August is here, and the summer season swings toward autumn, talented young professionals begin to spruce up their resumes in time for the wave of positions opening soon.

Fishing through the sea of applications for the right person can be overwhelming, starting in September, The Balance recognizes this time of the year as the busiest season for talent to look for new opportunities.

According to a previous source from Business News Daily, the seasons of the year typically mirror common business cycles. Taking time to understand seasonal hiring trends may help you stay ahead of the pack, finding better, more suitable candidates before the year is out.

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Is Your Tech Job Made For You?

Is Your Tech Job Made For You?

Maybe when you were a young entrepreneur, writing your first code, you probably saw yourself becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg. But now you have cleared your adolescents and your dreams are turning into a more underwhelming reality. Before you are placed in a what Wall Street Journal calls a “workplace U-turn,” it’s time to learn how your childhood goals of making an impact in the industry can still be achievable, with a little self-reflection guidance from yours truly.

If you are top talent but don’t feel you are making the most of your current skills in your role, don’t fear the unknown or the process of deciding to take on a new opportunity! According to Dana Levin-Robinson, Chief of Staff at VirtualHealth via the Muse, she came to the tech field from advertising and she attributes her career satisfaction to persistence and awareness for the kind of career she wanted. It’s never too late to apply your skills to a company that aligns more with your career goals.

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