6 Trends Impacting Healthcare Recruiting April 10, 2019

6 Trends Impacting Healthcare Recruiting

What changes in healthcare recruitment can you expect in the next year?

Technology and innovative strategies have transformed every facet of recruiting. Healthcare is an industry seeing the most change.

One of the trends immediately affecting healthcare recruiting in 2019 is the shortage of talent, a problem that only continues to grow as the gap between available healthcare jobs and qualified candidates expands. Over 90% of hospital executives state that the healthcare talent shortage is of top priority.

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How Startups Recruit and Retain Top Talent March 28, 2019

How Startups Recruit and Retain Top Talent

How Startups Recruit and Retain Top Talent: While big names and industry giants cloud over the tech world, startups have found their own way to attract top talent.

Startups typically can’t provide the extravagant benefits package and generous salary offers, so how do they stay in the race for recruiting, hiring, and retaining top engineers and developers in their field? Most startups know these strategies can noticeably improve their recruitment efforts.

The need for software developers is only expected to grow as more and more companies adopt more technical avenues for doing business. The internet has opened the door for smaller businesses to make names for themselves, but it’s also created a dire need for web and app developers that only continues to grow. Startups, now more than ever, have to put their best foot forward if they want to attract and retain the best and brightest, likely leaning toward the bigger names in tech like Apple, Google, or Facebook. So just how can startups compete in this robust market? Continue reading “How Startups Recruit and Retain Top Talent”

Employee Retention: 9 Reasons Good Employees Quit March 26, 2019

Employee Retention: 9 Reasons Good Employees Quit

Employee Retention: 9 Reasons Good Employees Quit.

While there are many ramifications to a high turnover rate, the biggest consequence can be narrowed down to this: loss of good talent.

Outside of the obvious problems with high recruitment and training costs involved, the loss of a skilled employee affects the entire office, leaving morale and productivity levels significantly lower over time. It also puts your remaining employees at a disposition because of the extra workload thrown on their plate in their colleague’s absence. So what can be done?

Employees quit all the time. It’s a generational thing. Employees just aren’t loyal like they used to be. Why is it my problem? Right? 

Wrong. Your workforce is your most valuable asset. Even though removing employee turnover altogether is nearly impossible, there are ways to eliminate common reasons for losing out on great talent. Whatever you do, don’t let your next great employee leave because of one of these 9 reasons:

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7 Best Recruiting Technologies of 2019 March 20, 2019

7 Best Recruiting Technologies of 2019

7 Best Recruiting Technologies of 2019: Why bother with recruiting technology?

New trends in these recruiting technologies have more of an impact than you might think.

In fact, an estimated 61% of recruiters expect to hire more people, so recruiting technology will play a major part in supplementing and supporting this effort. This increase is great news for any recruiter but finding ways to manage the hiring process can be overwhelming as trends continue to surface. New articles, blog posts, videos, and industry updates continue to flood us with new information on trending tech for recruitment. We can narrow everything you need to know into 7 major technologies you should be on the lookout for future recruiting tools. Continue reading “7 Best Recruiting Technologies of 2019”

Best Android Emulators for Mac & PC of 2019 March 15, 2019

Best Android Emulators for Mac & PC of 2019

Are Android Emulators really that useful?

Well, whether you are an app developer who wants to test their creation before its release, or a gamer who wants to incorporate a mouse or keyboard into various games, Android emulators may prove to be very helpful in achieving your goals.

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ReactJS Interview Questions You Should Know

ReactJS Interview Questions You Should Know

Are you expecting an interview soon?

If you’re a React.js developer, you’ll want to review the following questions you might be asked.

React.js is an open source javascript UI (User Interface) library that is essentially a community of developers. Maintained by Facebook and Instagram, it’s designed to evaluate your application state and allow you to write code for status input and return virtual DOM.

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The Value of Being Skilled: Career Advice from Oprah March 12, 2019

The Value of Being Skilled: Career Advice from Oprah

Just how valuable is your skill to your career?

Oprah recently presented the students at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism with quite an unforgettable speech at their commencement ceremony.

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Top 10 Android Games of 2019 March 11, 2019

Top 10 Android Games of 2019

In the last decade, countless innovations have transformed mobile gaming at rates that no other technology has experienced before.

Android users especially can expect new breakthroughs almost every year. The recent release of Android Nougat and Vulcan API just goes to further innovations in the mobile gaming world.

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How to Write The Perfect Thank-You Note After an Interview March 5, 2019

How to Write The Perfect Thank-You Note After an Interview

Congratulations! You made it through your interview and you crushed it!

You shake the interviewer’s hand goodbye and go off into the distance, awaiting the next phone call that says you’re hired! Could it be that easy?

Almost. If this is what you did at your last interview, you’re missing one last crucial step. Hiring managers are putting you to the test one last time (yes, even after the interview), patiently waiting to see if you remember this one final step to the interview.

In fact, most hiring managers note how quickly and how well you write a thank-you note. What does that mean for you? Have your amazing thank you email ready to send before you even arrive. Check out our template below to make it even easier to wow your hiring manager. 

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25 Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Stand Out March 4, 2019

25 Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Stand Out

Whether you’re in the market for your next opportunity,…

… or you’re growing your experience and skillset in your current position, investing time in your LinkedIn profile can prove to be widely beneficial to your career. While it seems easy to “let yourself go” when you find the one, we don’t suggest you let your LinkedIn profile go ignored once you find a great job.

We talk about personal branding often because we believe it’s vital to getting the job of your dreams for the salary you deserve, but for this article, we are magnifying one profile in particular: LinkedIn. If you’re ready to make the most of your LinkedIn profile, keep reading for 25 ways to make yourself stand out. Continue reading “25 Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Stand Out”