Best Twitter Accounts for Developers to Follow

April 18, 2016

Codrops (@codrops)


Looking for a tutorial on want to try something new? Codrops is dedicated to providing insightful articles, creative inspiration, free resources, and much more for any web designer or developer.

Net Magazine (@netmag)


As the #1 magazine for web designers and developers, there are always nuggets of wisdom for those who are always wanting to learn new things about this exciting field.

Web Design Ledger (@webdesignledger)


A daily news publication that is written by web designers for web designers with content ranging tips on how to improve one’s skills to interviews with industry leaders.

Webdesigner Depot (@DesignerDepot)


For all things web design, this popular blog brings the best in web design news, techniques, resources, views, and much more.

Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror)


Who said that tweets about coding had to be boring? Jeff Atwood, one of the founders of Stack Overflow, will brighten up your day with his random thoughts on life and tech.

Rasmus Lerdorf (@rasmus)


Rasmus is the creator of the PHP programming language and nearly everything he tweets has to do with code, which what developers and want to learn from him.

Jen Simmons(@jensimmons)

jen simmonsWorking at Mozilla as a Designer Advocate, it’s clear that Jen knows her stuff when it comes to web design. When not at her day job, she’s the web-host of The Web Ahead, a popular podcast with world experts on changing technologies and future of the web.

VP of Marketing at Digital Astronauts

Ronny Cheng is one of the Co-Founder’s of Digital Astronauts and has helped drive lead generation in the software industry for organizations of all sizes — from start-ups to Fortune 500’s. He helped build one of the first online software review websites, specializing in CRM, ERP, and HR software. He’s a nationally published author with extensive experience working with the HR/Recruiting industries largest brands. In his spare time, you can catch him on Instagram doing his best food blogger impersonation.

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