Appealing Software Developers to Your Company April 18, 2019

Appealing Software Developers to Your Company

Due to the competitive nature of today’s talent market, unemployment rates for software developers is close to 1-2%, depending on where you reside.

Most candidates are offered positions from multiple employers and have to choose between those options.

To stand out to top developers, it’s necessary to put in the extra effort.

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How to Hire Nurses in a Hiring Shortage April 15, 2019

How to Hire Nurses in a Hiring Shortage

Hiring new nurses during a nursing shortage can feel like an impossible task.

On top of facing obstacles such as nurse burnout and low nurse to patient ratios, hospitals and facilities also have difficulties dealing with pay, supervisor/nurse relationships, and trouble retaining millennials.

These problems aside, the demand for skilled nurses remains as significant as ever.

It’s the responsibility of organizations like you to establish successful strategies for nurse recruitment and to retain your nurses after they’ve been hired.

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6 Trends Impacting Healthcare Recruiting April 10, 2019

6 Trends Impacting Healthcare Recruiting

What changes in healthcare recruitment can you expect in the next year?

Technology and innovative strategies have transformed every facet of recruiting. Healthcare is an industry seeing the most change.

One of the trends immediately affecting healthcare recruiting in 2019 is the shortage of talent, a problem that only continues to grow as the gap between available healthcare jobs and qualified candidates expands. Over 90% of hospital executives state that the healthcare talent shortage is of top priority.

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Hiring and Retaining the Right Developers April 4, 2019

Hiring and Retaining the Right Developers

In this modern day and age, hiring and retaining software developers are the key to all types of organizations and companies.

However, most companies fail to retain their developers and keep them content with their jobs.

As curious, innovative people, developers often demand opportunities to expand and refine their skills rather than doing the same thing over and over. Keep these three key tips in mind to up your chances at hiring and retaining amazing developers!

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7 Tips to Hire Amazing Developers April 2, 2019

7 Tips to Hire Amazing Developers

In the modern world, the demand for new technology is increasing exponentially.

Rising with it, of course, is the demand for the people who design this new technology: software engineers.

In fact, few businesses today can get by without one. No matter what your company focuses around, chances are that website design will be an integral part of advertising.

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Tech Recruiting: What You Should Know 2019 April 1, 2019

Tech Recruiting: What You Should Know 2019

Congratulations on a great Q1!

As we wrap up the first quarter of the year, we know that your recruitment team has no intention of slowing down, with hiring needs continuing to push forward in 2019.

So the question remains: How do we use the technology available to make the most of our recruitment process? While machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other technologies are making recruitment smarter and more efficient, using these solutions to support a candidate-focused recruitment cycle is the key to success for tech recruiting in 2019. Keep reading for 3 opportunities in your recruitment cycle to optimize candidate experience:  Continue reading “Tech Recruiting: What You Should Know 2019”

Seven Best Practices for Tech Recruiters March 28, 2019

Seven Best Practices for Tech Recruiters

Seven Best Practices for Tech Recruiters

Tech recruiters operate in a talent market and companies need to follow the trends to attract the best employees to their company.

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How Startups Recruit and Retain Top Talent

How Startups Recruit and Retain Top Talent

While big names and industry giants cloud over the tech world, startups have found their own way to attract top talent.

Startups typically can’t provide the extravagant benefits package and generous salary offers, so how do they stay in the race for recruiting, hiring, and retaining top engineers and developers in their field? Most startups know these strategies can noticeably improve their recruitment efforts.

The need for software developers is only expected to grow as more and more companies adopt more technical avenues for doing business. The internet has opened the door for smaller businesses to make names for themselves, but it’s also created a dire need for web and app developers that only continues to grow. Startups, now more than ever, have to put their best foot forward if they want to attract and retain the best and brightest, likely leaning toward the bigger names in tech like Apple, Google, or Facebook. So just how can startups compete in this robust market? Continue reading “How Startups Recruit and Retain Top Talent”

Top Tech Recruiting Mistakes You Should Avoid March 27, 2019

Top Tech Recruiting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Top Tech Recruiting Mistakes You Should Avoid: Recruiters know better than anyone how quickly a first impression is formed.

Just as quickly, candidates also form their impressions about their recruiters. Your actions and words during the recruiting process tell just as much of a story.

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6 Tips to Attract Millennial Nurses

6 Tips to Attract Millennial Nurses

Presently, nurses are in high demand within the job market, but more and older workers are retiring.

To keep up with the demand, hospitals and clinics need to be more active in the search for talented, young nurses to replenish the workforce.

As time goes on, millennials will soon replace previous generations at almost every profession. Through their huge numbers, millennials put a tremendous amount of pressure on healthcare institutions to determine their new workforce’s needs. The U.S. Census Bureau data shows that more than one-third of U.S. workers are millennials, and that number will only grow as the years go on. Thus, it is of high importance that the healthcare industry understands what they need to do to appeal to the younger generations of nurses. Here are five crucial aspects that millennial nurses consider during their job search. Continue reading “6 Tips to Attract Millennial Nurses”