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The talent market is made up of an endless number of skills, personalities, and objectives. Candidates have unique qualities that they offer employers, but the key is to make sure the right candidate is matched to the right opportunity. Sometimes this is difficult to determine a candidate face value, therefore…

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Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and HR folks – we’ve listened to your feedback. We’re happy to announce that SkillGigs will now integrate with your applicant tracking systems. Ronny ChengVP of Marketing at Digital Astronauts Ronny Cheng is one of the Co-Founder’s of Digital Astronauts and has helped drive lead generation in…

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Like Einstein said, in order to play better than anyone else, you have to know your worth! Check out this article so you can learn your worth:
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The customer appreciation tour continues! Thanks Alex for being a great host. We look forward to continued #facebook successful #hires with #skillgigs! #hiring #techjobs #android #siliconvalley #menlopark #tech #facebookhq @ Facebook HQ
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Thanks for being such a cool host, Daniel! Fun things are happening at #Yahoo. We’re looking forward to your success at #hiring with #Skillgigs!
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Survey says "I think I do fine on my own, but would be open to more help." when it comes to personal branding. What do you think?

#talent #RMV #personalbrand #skillgigs #perfectgig #perfectjob #tech
SkillGigsSaturday, June 2nd, 2018 at 4:21am #Chatbots, #psychology apps & #AI interviewers are all changing how employers are finding #talent for their open's how to keep up with the industry.

#aiapp #appdev #recruitment #hiring #tech #startup
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