Announcing SkillGigs & Greenhouse Integration!

March 31, 2017


Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and HR folks – we’ve listened to your feedback. We’re happy to announce that SkillGigs will now integrate with your applicant tracking systems.

The first of many integrations will be Greenhouse. Greenhouse is an industry leading ATS that’s used by hundreds of companies like Twilio, CloudReach, and Airbnb.

With phase 1 of this integration, you will now have the ability to import your job opportunities into the SkillGigs platform. This allows you to quickly publish Gig Listings and get matched with top tech talent. With the SkillGigs platform you know that you can expect great fit candidates that are a 95% match to your roles.

Phase 2 of the integration will be coming soon. With this release, SkillGigs candidates you are interviewing will automatically be added to your Greenhouse system. This includes their direct contact info, links to their SkillGigs Skill Listing and 3D Resume. This means no more wasting time with manual data entry and no more copying & pasting!

Here’s how it works:

1.  Find the “Integrations” page in the Account Navigation menu, or go directly to it here:

greenhouse integration

2.  Click “setup” to link your Greenhouse account.

3.  Enter your Greenhouse API key, and you’re done! For information on how to find your Greenhouse API click here.


Greenhouse marks just the beginning of our ATS integrations. We’ll keep updated on further integrations to come!


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