[Infographic] – Austin Tech Market Salary Expectations Report – What Are the Salary Expectations of Top Tech Talent in Austin for 2016?

May 26, 2016

Austin Skyline

This week at SkillGigs, we released the Tech Talent Salary Expectations Report for the Austin Tech Market after Austin Business Journal reported that the unemployment rate in Austin has dropped to a 16-year low of 2.9%. The SkillGigs Tech Talent Salary Expectations Report, based on live marketplace data, includes salary expectations for some of the top paying and most highly sought-after tech jobs in Austin.

How is this impacting companies looking for top tech talent in Austin?

It’s a great time to be a tech professional in Austin right now as the demand for tech skills are high but the supply is low. As a result, many companies are battling each other for the best talent and are struggling to acquire talent like engineers, developers, and designers with in-demand skill sets.

Why is it important to know salary expectations?

As Austin continues its growth as a leading tech hub in the United States it’s imperative that employers have a clear understanding of top tech talent salary expectations so they can be better prepared when hiring. This data is very useful because it allows employers to see real time salary expectations of top talent from the SkillGigs live marketplace, based on their respective skill sets.

In addition to employers this report also gives job seekers a better understanding of their Real Market Value within the Austin tech scene. It is important to know what others with similar skill sets are currently earning before accepting or negotiating a job offer.


Austin Tech Market Salary Expectations Report

Salary Expectations Report for Austin, TX

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