[Infographic] – The Salary Expectations of Top Tech Talent in the San Francisco Bay Area for Q2 of 2016 June 14, 2016

[Infographic] – The Salary Expectations of Top Tech Talent in the San Francisco Bay Area for Q2 of 2016

A few weeks ago we released the Tech Talent Salary Expectations Report for Austin and after receiving a ton of positive feedback on the data we provided, we decided to followup with a Tech Talent Salary Expectations Report for the San Francisco Bay Area. The SkillGigs Tech Talent Salary Expectations Report, based on live marketplace data, includes salaryexpectations for some of the top paying and most highly sought-after tech jobs in San Francisco.

How is this impacting companies looking for top tech talent in the San Francisco Bay Area?

It’s a great time to be a tech professional in tech hubs like San Francisco as the demand for tech skills are high but the supply is low. As a result, many companies are battling each other for the best talent and are struggling to acquire top talent with in-demand skill sets like engineers, developers, and designers.

Why is it important to know salary expectations?

The San Francisco Bay Area contributed to almost 40% of California’s job gains in 2015 and the Bay Area tech boom is showing no signs of slowing down. This has made the Bay Area an extremely competitive market when it comes to being able to acquire top tech talent. Therefore, it’s important that employers be well informed of top tech talent salary expectations so they can be better prepared when recruiting and hiring candidates with highly sought after skill sets. This data it allows employers to see real time salary expectations of top talent from the SkillGigs live marketplace, based on their respective skill sets.

In addition to employers this report also gives job seekers a better understanding of their Real Market Value within the San Francisco tech scene. It is important to know what others with similar skill sets are currently earning before accepting or negotiating a job offer.

Tech Talent Salary Expectations Report For San Francisco Bay Area
Live data from the SkillGigs Marketplace on the salary expectations of top tech talent in the San Francisco Bay Area

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