SkillGigs Launches First 24/7 Auction-Style Online Job Marketplace for Tech Talent and Employers

March 11, 2015


Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of SkillGigs: your next-generation job finding and hiring experience and the first 24/7 auction-style, online job marketplace focused on the IT sector (for now).

For the past two years, we have been perfecting an evolutionary search and matching technology that speeds up the hiring process, brings the right companies directly to talent and provides employers with access to candidates high in demand, but low in supply right at their fingertips. We are excited to finally bring talent and employers a place where they can interact freely, post their skills and jobs, bid on opportunities and find their perfect match.

Here are a few things that makes SkillGigs so unique:

  • Our 3D resume: a next generation personal branding tool, enables talent to tell their professional story in a visually impactful way, making it easier for talent to get hired for the right job while letting employers hire quickly.

  • Distinct features of the 3D resume such as the SkillGigs’ patented skill and industry density based matching system provides a calculated snapshot of talent’s acquired skills over the length of their career and a visual analysis highlighting their most relevant industry experience. Displaying skills and industry experience this way enables employers to instantly decide if a candidate is the perfect fit vs. digging through the traditional resume.

SkillGigs 3D Resume

  • Skill listings enable talent to enter the job marketplace in a unique way by creating an available for hire listing much different from the traditional way of simply applying for a job. Now, talent can inform companies of their availability for hire based on a particular skill and employers can bid on them vs. wasting time and effort engaging uninterested candidates, which also drastically reduces the screening time and hiring process.

SkillGigs Skill ListingOur mission at SkillGigs is simple. We are giving companies and talent the power to find their perfect match and make the job finding and hiring experience easier, faster and smarter. Together, we saw an opportunity to bridge the disconnect of successfully matching talent to jobs. Now, you no longer have to hunt for what you can’t find in the traditional job marketplace.

If you’re ready to find that dream job or looking for the best programmer to code your project into reality, we look forward to seeing you inside SkillGigs!

Founder and CEO of SkillGigs
A consummate innovator, Kashif is the brains behind SkillGigs. Kashif caught the entrepreneurial bug at age 10 while visiting his father’s manufacturing facility. He developed a love for programming after writing his first lines of code at age 11 and founded his first company, an IT consulting firm at age 25 which he bootstrapped to profitability within its first year. After exiting that venture, he started three additional companies, IQTech Pros, the world’s largest full service IT integration network with over 30,000 members, NursesPro, a travel nurse staffing company servicing some of the largest hospital systems in the US and TAMH a holding and investment company which he took public in the UK. Beyond growth hacking his way to success, Kashif enjoys traveling the world and is an acclaimed songwriter.

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