Your Recruiting Agency Has No Game January 3, 2017

Your Recruiting Agency Has No Game

I’m sure you’ve experienced this, right? When you receive job alerts or a recruiter reaches out about a position completely unrelated to what you do. Well, these are only a couple of telltale signs of ineffective recruiters. In a market that has become increasingly saturated, it’s critical to understand the difference between great recruiters and the ones that have “no game.”

Here are the top 5 Mistakes recruiters and HR professionals make in a market where there is a huge shortage of talent.

They don’t really understand the job requirements properly.

This is a very common mistake that recruiters with no game make. Rather than understanding the job requirements and needs of the hiring manager, they rely heavily on buzzwords and their industry knowledge.  What ends up happening is the recruiter brings in candidates that have no “sizzle.”

Post and Pray

If your recruiter is telling you that they just aren’t getting any active candidates, then they have no game. Chances are they just posted a job and are hoping that the best candidates are coming to them. In today’s competitive job market, every recruiter knows they need to be actively seeking out candidates, even if they already have jobs.

They don’t know how to pitch their jobs or company in an exciting manner.

The best candidates choose companies that excite them. So, if your recruiter has no idea how to pitch your company or the job in an exciting way, then you have a problem.

They don’t build relationships. No ongoing pipeline to pull from.

Recruiting is a relationship building function. The best recruiters know how to build ongoing relationships with top candidates so that they can always call on them when a position arises. The worst recruiters… well, they don’t follow up with candidates and treat them like resumes, not people.

They don’t know how to sell.

What makes your job special? Why should they be excited about your company? What makes the team amazing? What separates this position from the hundreds of others that are getting thrown in their faces? If your recruiter is a great salesperson he’ll be able to answer these questions and use them to draw in great job candidates.

The Solution

SkillGigs offers a tech talent marketplace where you can quickly find active job seekers and gain access to a pipeline of candidates custom sourced for your roles. It’s the fastest and easiest way to make a hire and is built for both in-house recruiters and hiring managers. If you don’t want to deal with finding the right recruiting agency, then we recommend taking a look at SkillGigs and seeing the talent that matches your job requirements. It’s free to get started and can help you bypass the time you waste doing the dance with contract recruiters and agencies.


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