Direct access to contract talent pipeline

Eliminate the need for staffing vendors.

Skillgigs spends time building relationships with highly skilled contract talent so you don’t have to. We have over 160,000 relationships (and growing).

No more middlemen when hiring contractors

Without Skillgigs, you could end up paying more for less qualified talent. Your staffing vendors and their subcontractors are raking it in at the expense of both you and your talent.

With Skillgigs, you can pay the going rate for highly skilled talent and NOT the going rate plus middlemen padding fees for the same person.

You no longer have to wonder if your vendors are putting your talent in front of other clients, creating competition and driving up pricing.

Skillgigs gives you freedom from hiring the wrong talent by hiring the best talent with our 3D mapping technology

Use our AI and Big Data to map and match the best talent for your organization

Using AI and Big Data, we map your best, existing talent within your organization. We use this data to map and curate similar talent on our platform, populating your Skillgigs dashboard with the best talent, again and again.

This means you have a higher chance of interview and hiring.

Skillgigs gives you freedom from hiring unqualified talent with our AI based code testing technology

SkillGigs acts as the employer of record

Our fees are transparent

We charge a small platform access fee and we deduct a fixed 10% from the talent as our fees

We provide all relevant insurance coverages

We payroll the contractor

You get a single invoice