Why should I use SkillGigs to hire talent?
To sum it up you are who you hire. This means, that if you want to be a successful business you need talent with strong skills that fit your needs. SkillGigs gives you access to a steady pipeline of curated talent that match your specific skill requirements allowing you to spend less time sourcing and more time interacting directly with the right talent for your gigs.

How much do you charge?Employers pay a subscription fee, based on their estimated hires within a 12 or 24-month period. To learn your pricing tier, contact us here. Contractor hires are unlimited and come at no cost to the employer. The contractor pays 10% of the invoice. Details for permanent and contract hires are further defined in our terms of service.

How do I sign up?
To use our AI based staffing platform, click on the ‘Employer’ button on our homepage, and then click ‘Sign Up’.

How many job listings can I post?
Currently, there is no limit on how many job listings you can post in the marketplace.

How do I find talent on SkillGigs?
There are two ways to find talent on SkillGigs:‘Create a Gig’ and enter the marketplace to let job seekers find and bid for your job.You can also bid on candidates through ‘Skill Listings’ which are posted by talent. Skill Listings enable you to easily recognize who is available for hire vs. wasting time and effort engaging uninterested candidates, drastically reducing the screening time and hiring process.

What is a Gig?
A ‘Gig’ is a job that you post in the marketplace for talent to discover and place their bids.

How do I create a Gig?
Creating a gig is simple. Click the ‘Create a Gig’ link on your dashboard to post your job in the marketplace.

Why do I need a company profile?
Your company profile showcases your organizations’ culture, values, and people, giving potential job candidates fresh insights about the company.

How do I bid on a Skill Listing?
Once you find a Skill Listing that suits your needs, simply click ‘Bid on Skill Listing’ and enter all details on the ‘Place a Bid’ page.

How can I cancel/retract a bid I placed on talent?
Bids are not binding. You can retract the bid at any time until then.

Is my bid on talent final?
Bids are not binding unless the two parties sign an employment contract. You can retract the bid at any time until then.

I received a bid for my Gig. What do I do now?
Once you receive a bid, consider it as a placeholder if you will. This shows that the talent is interested and their ideal salary requirements for your job. At this point, you first schedule an interview with the talent. If after the interview the talent likes you and you like the talent, you can go ahead and accept the bid.

Still have questions?
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