Why should I use SkillGigs?
With SkillGigs, you discover the art of finding the perfect job. Skillgigs offers all professionals the opportunity to develop their personal brand, use free career resources, discover real market values & be eligible for opportunities with our clients. We focus on your career goals & work to curate you to the perfect gig, as opposed to selling you on an unfit position. You never have to apply to a position & you receive direct feedback in real time, as opposed to the usual non-response you get in the job seeking world. With SkillGigs you are in control of your career without having to work with those pesky recruiters.

What is a Skill Listing?
Skill Listings enable you to inform companies of your availability for hire based on a particular skill. This is how you enter the job marketplace and drive employer demand to you vs. you applying for multiple jobs. With Skill Listings, you also have a better understanding of your worth according to skill supply and demand in the market, the ability to manage your interviews and negotiate salary with interested employers.

How do you help me build a brand?
SkillGigs’ 3D resume is your next generation personal branding tool that’s packed with benefits such as skill and industry density features. These features enable you to tell your professional story in a visually impactful way, making it easy for you to get hired.

How do you match me?
We don’t! Our AI does. We will only contact you if our system matches your skill density and career interests to an open position that would be worth your while to know about.

What if I don't want to be visible to my current employer?
We offer talent a stealth mode option, which provides ultimate privacy protection at all times. Job seekers select which companies can view their profile and which companies can’t. Once talent creates a skill listing in our job marketplace, that listing will only show up in an employer’s search results, as long as the talent has consented to it.

What if I am not interested now, but could be later?
Sign up anyway! Our talent agrees – “It never hurts to know what is out there.” We don’t bother you with positions that aren’t worth looking at, because our ultimate goal is to help you find the perfect job. Most of our current users are not looking to change roles. However, they choose to join to take advantage of the free resources and intel available when you sign up.